Naked In Bed

Jan 1, 2012

So why Naked In Bed?

Well to simply put, we as people are the most exposed when we are naked right?  I want this blog to hold back nothing about myself and/or anything I write, so basically I expose myself literally, emotionally and figuratively and show the nakedness I call my life and the life around us.  As always I am looking to explore and inform people about, Life's Little Pleasures'.  It is intended to be a blog that focuses on the pleasures of life. It may be romantically, socially, sexually, erotically, or whatever else I can find to be fun, sexy, helpful and/or informative. Stay tuned for more to come...


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  2. A teasing grin stole over his face as he continued to kiss and nip his way down her legs. He suddenly pulled her sweetness close to his face and tasted her through the lace. The more he kissed and licked the more her body needed something indefinable. It was something she knew he could give to her.

  3. I look forward to reading this blog, Hercules. You're an amazing person, one of the coolest sex nerds I know! Thanks for including my blog in your "Blogs of Interest" list!

    Joan Price

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